Q: Are the sleep sets made from real silk?

A: Yes! we have sourced the most luxurious 22momme 100% Mulberry silk for the softest material you will ever feel.

Q: What are you hair clips made of?

A: Our hair clips are hand made from resin, and fastened onto a 6cmx1.5cm gold clip hardware.

Q: Can I wear the scrunchie in my hair while items are zipped inside of it?

A: Yes, you can. However, the size of the item inside will determine how many loops you can get out of the scrunchie. I often wear one in my hair with a single key, lip chap or money stashed inside.

Q: How big are the hair clips?

A: Our hair clips are 6cmx1.5cm. The all black and black pearl designs are fastened onto a matte black clip that is 5cmx1.3cm

Q: How big are the claw clips?

A: The claw clips are all 10.5cm

Q: How do I wash the scrunchies?

A: The best way to keep our scrunchies squeaky clean, is to hand wash with a bit of liquid detergent and water, or in a small mesh garment bag and hang to dry.

Q: Do I use Sea Spritz on wet or dry hair?

A: You can actually use it on either! Spritz damp hair and watch the waves and volume appear as it dries. Or, restore some life to your dry locks by giving it a good spritz.

Q: Do I shampoo after using scalp scrub?

A: You can use scalp scrub in place of or in combination with your usually hair care routine. If you have a drier scalp and dry/frizzy hair, you might want to replace the shampoo altogether once a week and just do the scrub. If your hair is on the greasier side, definitely shampoo and condition as usual after. A little secret- your shampoo will lather like never before after using scalp scrub for the deepest clean.